Mission: Firefly Topicals promotes compassionate self-care to aid in personal empowerment and vitality
in life.

Brenda Wright is the founder and owner of Firefly Topicals, LLC. She originally started her business in
2011 as a hobby, crafting infused lotions for medical dispensaries in the greater Seattle area.
She has lived with Crohn’s disease for 40+ years, as do several close family members. Creating products
that promote self-care and soothing comfort for herself, family and friends creates a spark of hope that
drives the passion!

In 2018, Brenda was employed by the largest cannabis producer/processor in Washington state. During
that 3.5-year employment, she initiated and produced a full topical line that supplied 300+ state stores
with infused skin care and bath products.

Firefly products are formulated using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. Using few
ingredients and crafting in small batches maintains quality and consistency. Only the lotion contains a
preserving agent. It is a water-based formula, which aids in deep skin absorption, therefore it is a
necessity to stabilize this product.

Skin care items may be used in combination for a different and enhanced result.

All products contain Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol, contain less than 0.3% THC and have been 3rd party lab
tested to ensure potency and cannabinoid profile. (see FAQ for information regarding Full-Spectrum,
Broad Spectrum and Isolate).